EMUUROM ("eh-moo rom") is an upcoming nonviolent creature-scanning metroidvania. You are MAIRE ("my-rhe"), a red-haired retrobiologist willingly trapped in an unknown world, inhabited by mostly peaceful creatures called EMUUROM. You are only equipped with a data-gathering SKANNER' BEAM that you can use to explore the ecosystem. Instead of powering up, you have to comprehend the creatures - and use their special abilities to advance! Open up new paths, meet cute creatures, and sleep under the starry sky... but beware: on the horizon, a comet called THE RED INTERLOPER is inching closer, threatening the peaceful world. Overcome the obstacles and master the mysteries, and you might be able to save the species - and yourself.


EMUUROM is the first game on Steam created with the TIC-80 fantasy console. It started its life as a jam game for Fantasy Console jam 3 in early 2018. The first demo was released on in early 2020, and later that year it was a part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. A new, polished demo was released on Steam in August 2021, and it participated in the Steam Next Fest in October.


  • A lush interconnected world full of surprises and mysteries
  • Find your way forward with the powers of cute creatures
  • Scan your surroundings for secret paths and hidden critters
  • A banging chiptune soundtrack
  • Emphasis on exploration and discovery
  • 6+ hours of play (I think.)


Trailer 2021 YouTube

Gameplay video (no commentary)YouTube


Selected Articles

  • Emuurom brought me back to the golden age of indie Flash games – it's a beautifully crafted, creative, exploration-focused experience full of secrets and cozy feelings.
    Obskyr, EMUUROM demo comments on
  • It's a very relaxing, birdwatching-esque vibe at times [...]. I am more than excited to see EMUUROM's completion.
    The Entity, The Entity's review of the old EMUUROM demo
  • EMUUROM from Borbware has got to be one of our most anticipated indie games! This game is just oozing with retro gaming goodness [...].
    Pursuing Pixels, A post on Twitter

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